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Scott Harker, publisher of Taste of the Grape | Wine at www.earths-best-, is happy to announce two new pages about winemaking. The first page entitled Making Wine at Home provides resources for the at-home vintner including wine recipe books - Did you know that one can make wine from fruits like raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, grape, plum, cherry; Stewed fruits such as elderberry, prune, raisin, crab-apple, loganberry; Roots like parsnip, potato, sugar-beet, beetroot, Flowers like clover, dandelion, elder-flower and even coffee! Brewer supply sources and other information are also provided at Making Wine at Home. The link for this page is

The second new page is entitled Winemaking - A Family Project.

"When I was a teenager," explains the publisher, "I decided to make blackberry wine. In Colorado, where I lived then, blackberries grew wild all over the place. It was easy, one Saturday, to drive out to the mountains, find bushes covered with ripe blackberries and pick a couple of basketfuls..."

“Although I was not an expert, I figured out how to crush the berries and strain out the seeds. I then filled up several bottles with the blackberry juice, added some sugar and yeast and capped them. Over the next couple of weeks I watched the bottles, removing the caps a couple of times to release the build-up of carbon dioxide produced by the yeast. Eventually I had a small party with close friends and drank the newly created wine! It was not the best wine, but is was MY wine.”

"My love of winemaking grew until the my entire family became participants in annual winemaking projects," says the publisher.

The Winemaking - A Family Project page details how other families can create a family project around the making of a fruit wine. The link for this page is

The Taste of The Grape | Wine website is dedicated to the world of wine. Beside the two new pages added, topics covered include Basics of Creating Wine, Buying Cheap Wine, Buying Wine in a Restaurant, Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Wine and Cooking. Wine Glasses. Wine Serving: Letting Wine Breathe, Wine Tasting, Red Wine Grape Varieties, Enjoying Bordeaux Wine, Wine: Merlot, Sparkling Wines, Wine: Pinot Noir and more.

Additionally, the publisher has recently added an online wine store where savvy wine lovers will find some of the best wines currently available. Check out the wine store at
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